Sunday, April 3, 2011


On this Sunday evening, after an euphoric Saturday Night, where we were part of something Historic, something 1 Billion people waited for 28 years to happen, i am feeling lazy. Listening to Lucky Ali's songs ("Dekha hai Aise bhi, Kisiko Aise hi"), makes me realise the preciousness of life. After the events of last week, when i got a phone call from my mother telling me about losing my maternal aunt due to a cardiac arrest, i was lying low. Felt like the ghosts of yesteryears were coming to haunt me once again.

But as fate would have its own way, the team of MSD, gave something which would remain etched in our heart's and minds forever. The towering six by MSD took away the sadness and filled me with joy and happiness.... from Lucky Ali to Khalbali (RDB).......

It's been 3 months since i have been to home and am really missing home.....from Khalbali to Teri Yaadein Aati hai (Lucky Ali) planning to go home towards this month's end...flight tickets have soared and train journey of 24 hrs is not an option....

Yesterday midnight, got a phone call from one of my closest buddies aka Budha/Chamuch(spoon :D) wala. He was enjoying in Rourkela with some of my groups close friends. Really wanted to be there and enjoy but could not :( ...

Time is a great healer. At one moment, its makes us sad and helpless and at the next second, it makes us realise how beautiful the world is around us. Cheers to Life.....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Bitter Truth

I dont know why i am writing this but i feel i should. Its been over a year since i have written something. Didnt feel like writing just for the sake of it, but life has taken various twists and turns.

The pressure of being in a profession does really take a toll on one`s mind and body. Getting to know new people, making new friends and contacts, people sometime forget that they have friends who were there with them in thick and thin times.

Even if someone forgets to ring up once a while, it doesnt imply that he/she has forgetten things that had become memorable and cherishable part of their life. Things which can not be erased. Emotions and feelings that bring tears on one part and happiness on the other. Sometimes friends need to understand this bitter truth and forgive when such incidents happen to them. Everyone is now in a position to evaluate the tough times that one has to face. Some may have a easier job at hand and some a tougher one.

Just to say that one has got bigger really underestimates the situation that one goes through. It pains to hear things which you do not want to hear from your very close friends. A BITTER TRUTH......

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Writing poems for the last couple of months, I was wondering when I would write my next post which would not be a lyrical composition that would not rhyme with each ending line. I was wondering what I would write about as days have come to an end. Should I write about how each one of us would be feeling knowing that we will be going away in different directions after staying together for 4 long years… sharing whatever we want and whatever we like (or don’t like). Would it be appropriate that I would tell about what life at institutes means to all of us?

A void filled me up just as I gave my last exam paper. Everyone felt elated around me knowing the torture of giving exams were over. Mugging up, walking in the corridor of the hostels with someone’s notes and smoke of the cigarettes filling up the rooms and walkway were the normal things during exam time. Well, the one aspect that stands out is the NIGHT OUT thing!!!

Being a normal activity, I hadn’t experienced it my life or rather in these 4 years. Almost seeing everyone waking up the whole night before the exam and trying to remember 40-50 pages of notes, I fathomed how they could manage to write after being awake the whole night. Trying many times to make a night out was one of the hardest things to do for me.

But, but, but…

It happened!!! My first night out and would u believe it…the day on which everything ended, the day on which we were now alumnis. And the thing that helped me in achieving this were the 52 cards. This was also the rarest of rare occasions that I was playing cards. Being a novice also didn’t help me a lot but still I insisted on playing. Minutes ticked by and then hours and suddenly, my stomach told me that it was hungry. Now where would I get something to eat and that too, at 4 in the morning? Luckily the night canteen was still open and 5 of us ate MAGGI.

Eating maggi at 4 o’clock was not the best thing to do but we had no choice. And to our surprise, it was morning. I do not remember when I saw the pleasant morning or the sunrise but it was really beautiful… so peaceful and pleasant that we decided to go for a morning walk. Armed with camera and in our half pants we took a tour of our institute and it was one of the most refreshing walk, i had ever took.The morning breeze caressing our skin and feeling of coolness...ahhhhh.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Morning sunrise...

The morning sunrise... ahh so serene and refreshing... why we see it so rarely??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In the darkness of the night,
Sits a lonely soul,
Full of life,
Full of sorrow.

Wandering through the street lights,
And asking the same question,
Why has this to end?
Can’t this moment freeze for few seconds?

The neon lights with their reply,
As prompt as the eagle can fly,
My friend, everything has a happy beginning,
And a tearful end.

But, an end has a new beginning,
The lone one says,
Just as dusk gives way to dawn,
The cycle of life goes on.

Just then,
The loneliness of the roads speak,
One comes with no-one,
And leaves behind everyone.

With my friends around me,
Why would I think of leaving them now?
Yes, parting gives tears,
But it makes memories much sweeter.

The hot summer wind,
Breezing through the leafless trees,
Inflicting so much pain.
Asks with utter disdain,

Again comes the reply,
My friend, no one is alone,
Even the mighty wind carries sand along,
And sings a melancholy song.